Prestige Family Portraits: Thunder Bay

With years of experience, Prestige Portraits by Lifetouch recommends the following tips to help your family look their best.


• Coordinate everyone’s wardrobe. Harmonize the tones so that no single family member stands out.

• Wear solid colours or clothing without logos and pictures.

• Bring props with special meaning to your family to personalize the portrait.

• Consider footwear as some poses will show shoes, or you may choose to go barefoot.


Whatever you do select – be it casual, traditional or formal – it’s entirely personal and it should reflect your family’s taste and style.


How to Make an Appointment

Once you have decide on either style of session please click the book it now button to complete your appointment booking. If you are having problems booking an appointment please email me at


 Follow the prompts and guided steps to finalize your appointment. Once the appointment has been booked you will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email about your session.


Also contact your local Thunder Bay office as listed below. Use either email or phone to contact your local representative.

Book Now


You will be prompted to select from two different portrait sessions, when you book your appointment.


Our traditional session will offer a family group photograph taken with two background options.


The Family Showcase will offer our family group photograph as well as sibling and a couple portraits of Mom and Dad.


Pending on your attire it could be a traditional pose or a casual pose. Please be prepared to discuss what you are looking with to the photographer.


Come Prepared

Please note we will have three different styles of backgrounds.


High Key White Neutral Grey Modelled Earth Tone
High Key White Neutral Grey Modelled Earth Tone


Please try to arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment. Our photographer might be finishing up with a family, however by arriving early you can take your coats off and double check hair and offer time to prepare for your session.


Examples of casual posing styles

Examples of Casual Posing Styles


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Thunder Bay Family Contact

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